Chemical Reaction System

The Flexpak Technology chemical reaction systems are designed to deal with a myriad of water and wastewater treatment issues. Whether your application calls for a basic pH adjustment system or a complex multi-stage reaction system, Flexpak Technology can supply a system that will meet your process requirements.

Flexpak Technology manufactures two basic configurations of chemical reaction system, “batch” and “continuous flow”. Contact Flexpak Technology for additional information.

Batch treatment systems are typically reserved for facilities that generate sporadic, low volume (less than 20,000 GPD) wastewaters. Although, higher flow rates have been treated on a batch basis. If your treating wastewater from multiple waste streams from different processes and multiple sources it is often more effective to treat each process separately than to merge the waste streams ant try to treat them with a single process.

Continuous flow treatment systems are available for treating flow rates from as little as 10 GPM to as much as 3,000 GPM.