Custom Packaged Systems

Flexpak Technology has a great deal of experience and technical knowledge in designing custom packaged systems for your wastewater treatment needs. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to ensuring that the system we recommend will be a great fit for your application, and will be cost effective as well. You can feel confident that Flexpak Technology will take the time to understand your application, and provide detailed information and guidance, from the proposal stage to equipment start-up in the field.

  • Flexpak Technology fully engineered skid mounted treatment systems are an excellent choice for fully automatic, reliable wastewater treatment in a compact, easy to install and use package.
  • Flexpak Technology fully engineered skid mounted treatment systems can be configured for a wide variety of wastewater conditions, making them the most versatile systems available.
  • Flexpak Technology treatment systems come complete with all the components integrated and skid mounted to make a complete wastewater treatment system. The integral chemical mixing and separation chambers, automatic pH adjusting system, chamber mixers, chemical pumps, sludge dewatering, and system control panel are included. The clarification and coalescing media packs (if supplied) are easily removed for servicing. Different configurations and materials of construction are offered to handle any difficult wastewater application and combination of treatment methodologies. Standard and custom configurations include oil/water separation, inclined plate clarification, dissolved air flotation, sludge conditioning and dewatering, and fully automatic controls.