Flotation Systems

Flexpak Technology flotation (DAF & IAF) systems are designed to accommodate flow rates as low as 5 and as high as 3,000 gallons per minute. The primary function of our flotation systems is to remove free and dispersed

oils or emulsified oils, along with dispersed suspended solids, from wastewater or process water streams. This makes it possible for sensitive downstream equipment to perform as designed. A properly designed flotation (DAF) system will reduce the overall operating costs and improve overall system maintainability.

As a separation device, flotation systems exhibit extremely high solids capture ratios, and will yield the highest level of recovered solids under a wide range of flow conditions. Oil/grease and suspended solids removal rates of greater than 90% are normal. Flexpak Technology has some customer applications reporting 99.9% O&G and SS removal. Because of their outstanding performance and reliability, Flexpak Technology flotation systems are the preferred process for a wide range of industrial water and wastewater treatment problems. Contact Flexpak Technology for additional information.