Inclined Plate Clarifiers

Flexpak Technology line of Inclined Plate Clarifiers is engineered to remove settle able suspended solids from wastewater or process streams by the most efficient means available. A properly designed Inclined Plate Clarifier will remove these solids, allowing downstream filters or process equipment to perform as designed, as well as reducing overall operating costs and improving overall system maintainability.

Every Flexpak Technology Inclined Plate Clarifier is available with numerous plate spacing options. By altering the plate spacing (to allow for different solids loading ratios, settling rates, etc.), Flexpak Technology can make certain your clarifier is sized appropriately for your application. By combining the plate spacing options with different Inclined Plate Clarifier configurations, Flexpak Technology ends up with the largest line of clarifiers available. This allows us to solve a tremendous variety of water treatment issues, making Flexpak Technology Inclined Plate Clarifiers the most versatile systems available.

Flexpak Technology manufactures two basic Inclined Plate Clarifier models, the LS Series (Stinger™) and the ClariMax™. Contact Flexpak Technology for additional information.